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Lise Low

Lise Low by JKey Photography Artiest Muziek Portret Muzikant Vocalist

Lise Low

In front of the lens: Lise Low. The fairy-like nordic pop music that Lise Low makes is a reflection of her imaginative and playful self. When on stage, Lise only has one single mission: to submerge the audience in beauty, as a soul-nourishing tonic.

In her music she creates stories of a world full of hope, joy and comfort, and in doing so, she hopes to add some color to her audience’s world.

Both her music and lyrics call to mind the songs of Regina Spektor and Patrick Watson, while her voice’s reach and dynamics are reminiscent of Kate Bush and Tori Amos.

And after a concert, her melodies softly linger, like a kind echo, guiding you home.